Filton and Bradley Stoke

Year: 2010 | 2015

  • Ian Michael BoultonLabour Party

    Labour Party
    Ian Michael Boulton

    Example statement: As the current Chair of South Gloucestershire Council, if I become an MP I would like to focus on the Staple Hill public transport, in particular access to the new hospital in Southmead. I think we should still be an EU member, but play a more active role in making and accepting decisions. As for taxes, I believe these should not be the focus of cuts, but rather improving the services provided by the NHS, Schools, and Councils.

  • Jack LoprestiConservative Party - Current MP

    Conservative Party
    Jack Lopresti

    Example statement: As the current MP, I plan to continue focusing on Frenchay Hospital as it becomes a Community Hospital. In regards to the EU, I believe we should remain a member, but continue to review our position in it. In general I would like to reduce housing and welfare benefits, so tax cuts can be made. With GPs and Schools working more independently from central government, and reduced funding for students in further eduction.

  • Ben WalkerUKIP

    Ben Walker

    Example statement: I will focus on leaving the EU, ensuring tourists have proof of health insurance, and immigrants must financially support themselves (and dependents) for 5 years on entering the country. I also believe that we should move more towards private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education, and private housing - so cuts in taxes and central government can be made. Locally I will focus on the traffic problems in Bradley Stoke.

  • Diana WarnerGreen Party

    Green Party
    Diana Warner

    Example statement: Currently working as a GP in Stoke Gifford, I have considerable experience of the NHS, and would like to see improved funding and support for the staff. I also want to see a minimum wage of £10 an hour by 2020, removal of the Bedroom Tax, more social rented homes, and for us to take serious action against climate change.