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Tim Macpherson
Candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham

I am a digital publisher and business communications specialist based in Sussex. I spent 20 years working as a senior media executive in London based publishing companies before setting up my own business 14 years ago.

I joined the Labour Party 25 years ago to campaign against inequality: gender, sexual, racial and social. I have campaigned as a candidate or party worker in every election over the last 25 years including marginal Hastings and Rye.

Married with three children, I have lived in Sussex most of my life and am heavily involved in leading community and conservation projects in the county. As a result I understand the unique issues which affect our coastal towns.

My parents devoted their lives to the NHS and because of this commitment I am rooted in the values of the public sector and am deeply disturbed by the ideologically driven dismantling of state institutions carried out by this Tory led coalition Government

I am standing for Election in East Worthing and Shoreham because I want to provide a voice for the majority of people in the constituency who do not feel the benefits of economic recovery.

Our major banking institutions need to be properly called to account for the recklessness which has left our economy in tatters. It is vital we elect a Labour Government which will reform and properly regulate our broken industries including energy companies, railways and other privatised utilities thus ensuring that they work for us, the people, and not just their shareholders.