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Rupert Read

So, Rupert Read, who are you?

I’m a Norwich man, 47 years old, living with my wife Juliette in the west of the City. I am a UEA teacher and published author of nine books on Philosophy, both environmental and political.

What is your political background?

I was one of the many Green Councillors for Norwich, for two terms, listening to what the people of this region want. I have been a party member since 2000. I specialise in transport policy and climate-change-prevention policy.

Which issues matter most to you?

Issues around responsible living, consumerism and economics particularly interest me.

I led on getting 20mph speed limits rolled out across many residential streets in Norwich.

Recently I have co-founded a campaign against marketing to children of primary school age and younger: Leave Our Kids Alone.

What difference will you make as a Green Party representative in Europe?

There’s already a 46 strong Green team in Europe, so we are already powerful in fighting for a fairer, greener future. I would, surprisingly, be the Eastern Region’s first Green MEP.

I’d like to save every household money on energy costs through a government-led investment programme in modern, efficient home insulation and solar panels. This would be far more efficient than relying on individual households to have to put in these things for themselves.

I’d support small and green businesses serving our community. I believe that public services like the Post Office and the NHS should stay publicly owned.

I’d like the east of England to become a hub for producing renewable energy: wind, tidal, wave and solar. This would safeguard our environment, secure a home-grown energy-supply, create new green jobs, and stabilise our economy... all safer, perhaps, than a new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast!

Finally, I’m the Party’s national spokesperson on transport, and this will be one of my areas of speciality, in Brussels. I want to bring a transport revolution to the East, centred upon public transport and on reduction of the dangerous-high emissions of both particulates and greenhouse gases from automobiles and planes.