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George Grant
Conservatives Yorkshire Campaign Centre ,
Cumberland House,
Greenside Lane, off Cemetry Road,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01274 363001



I am tremendously proud to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for Bradford West.

Over the past half century, Bradford has welcomed a significant number of people from overseas, above all Pakistan and Kashmir. Underpinning all of my priorities for Bradford West is community cohesion, in particular through promotion of core Conservative values common to Asians and non-Asians alike:

• Enterprise – A living wage for employees in return for costed reductions to business taxes

• Family – Expanding initiatives to help troubled families and campaigning to support families through the tax and welfare system

• Rigorous education – Advocating the Government’s education reforms to return academic rigour and discipline to school classrooms
Born and raised in Yorkshire, my family made their business in Bradford, at the Black Dyke Mills in Queensbury, for almost 150 years.

I began my career working as a foreign policy and defence analyst in London; moved to Libya in 2012 to help establish the first pos-Gaddafi English-language newspaper, and as a correspondent for The Times, and now works in business development for a start-up venture with responsibility for operations in Africa and the Middle East.

I want to share a positive Conservative vision for Bradford’s future, one that can be believed in by people from all different backgrounds and political traditions.