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Clive Jones
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Clive Jones

Clive was born in Kent and moved to Wokingham in 1974.

An experienced local campaigner, Clive has fought on many local issues:

stopping the privatisation of local libraries
improving road safety and children’s crossings
promoting recycling within the Wokingham Borough
petitioning against the expensive redevelopment of Wokingham Town Centre
Clive believes that the Liberal Democrats have a great opportunity to win in Wokingham due to the unpopularity of the local Conservatives and is determined to make sure the people of Wokingham are aware of what the Lib Dems are achieving in government.

Clive has worked in the UK and European toy industry for much of his career. Starting as a management trainee in January 1979 he then went on to become the Managing Director of the Company for a period of over 10 years and eventually set up his own toy business in 2009.

Clive believes his business acumen gives him a great understanding of how business’s work and what is needed to make them successful. He believes strongly that there should be no tax paid on the “living wage” and that this should be a Liberal Democrat priority in government after 2015.

Clive's home since 1992 is in the Hawkedon area of the constituency, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters.