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Matthew Turmaine
74A Queens Avenue ,
WD18 7NS
United Kingdom
Twitter: @Turmaine
Telephone: 07411 153095


Matt Turmaine
Candidate for Watford

In addition to being the parliamentary candidate for Watford, Matt is a councillor in Holywell Ward. He is passionate about politics and sits on several committees, including budget panel, licensing and member development.

Matt’s work has been primarily in the media sector, working on digital production, communications and supply chain management for companies, including BBC Worldwide.

‘Watford is a wonderful place, with large numbers of people commuting both into and out of the town,’ says Matt. ‘It’s really important that we deal with the cost of living crisis that has been thrust onto residents here. Energy prices, the outrageous increases in the cost of commuting, housing and childcare are important issues.’

Matt has campaigned around the need to modernise Watford General Hospital, which serves a wide geographical area. Plans to modernise the site were scrapped by the Coalition and like the residents he looks to represent, he is frustrated by the lack of progress to date.

‘Watford is representative of many towns in the UK,’ he says. ‘What we need is a Labour government, committed to ensuring that jobs, housing and sensible financial management are at the core of how we run the country. That’s the way to solve the cost of living crisis that the Tories and Lib Dems have created for so many people here.’