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Lynette Kelly
81 Broad Lane,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 07929 660 320


Lynnette Kelly
Candidate for Warwick and Leamington

Lynnette was born in Coventry, which was then part of the County of Warwickshire, and has lived most of her life in the area.

Lynnette spent ten years as a councillor in Coventry, and until May 2014 was a member of the board of the Local Enterprise Partnership, working to bring jobs and investment into the region.

After her first two children were born Lynnette felt that she needed to retrain in order to get back into the workforce. She began by doing an A level course part time, and was encouraged by her tutor to go on to take a degree course. Lynnette took a degree in Applied Social Science at Coventry University. This in turn led to a job working to support refugees from the conflict in Bosnia.

She then continued her studies at the University of Warwick, where she gained a PhD and worked as a research fellow. She carried out research projects funded by the European Union and the UK government into several areas, most notably the employment of refugees, issues affecting the settlement of refugees and migrants in the UK and also into health issues facing homeless families.

Lynnette is a live music fan and enjoys attending music festivals.

Lynnette has four children and one grandchild.