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Laween Atroshi
10 Woodend Road,
GU16 6QH
United Kingdom


Laween Atroshi
Candidate for Surrey Heath

Laween Atroshi is Labour’s first British-born Kurdish Parliamentary candidate. He works in clinical research for the National Health Service (NHS). He is an accredited UK researcher and has experience in working with the UK Department of Health for the Clinical Governance Team.

He is also involved in a range of philanthropic activities which he promotes across the media and is linked with the UK charity, UK Healthy Planet, which has sent 60,000 English books to the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq to promote education and “free thinking”.

Laween is outspoken on challenging unfair policies and his actions demonstrate an infectious passion for fairness and equal opportunity for all citizens, not just those at the top. He is disturbed by the lack of affordable housing, youth engagement and infrastructure for the residents of Surrey Heath. Another key interest is education and he wishes to tackle the educational deficit in the constituency and provide alternative options for young people, such as guaranteeing education, employment or training for every 18 year old.

Laween’s strategy is to amplify these key issues to a national platform with the confidence that a difference will be enjoyed by everyone, not just the few at the top. This strategy will also involve engaging with residents and local businesses in the constituency via various channels, such as social media, in order to reach out to as many as possible.