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Jane Basham
Twitter: @Jane_Basham
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South Suffolk, Jane Basham

I was born into a working class family in Kent. I have lived in London, North Essex and am now settled in South Suffolk. I consider myself a true local having lived here for more than 23 years, first in Glemsford and now in Hadleigh. I have worked since the age of 18, holding senior management roles in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I studied for my professional qualifications in Human Resource Management whilst working full time.
As Chief Executive of Suffolk’s leading civil rights charity, I am experienced in case work, holding services to account to all citizens, challenging inequalities, promoting justice and in change making community activism.

To relax, I love spending time with my ever growing family and my friends. I do a little running and cycling. I am currently working part time in a hostel supporting homeless young people, whilst on the campaign trail.

I am Chair and Womens Officer of the South Suffolk Labour Party, Board member at Runnymede Trust and the Police Public Encounters Board. I care deeply about the inequalities that persist in our society. I know that only by eliminating inequalities can our economy, flourish and it is this that drives me as a Labour woman. I believe that I come to this role as a working class candidate having lived a full life with a real diversity of experiences. It is about time voters in a perceived safe Tory area like mine were offered a real choice. The choice to vote for a woman who would work for them full time and represent for all of them not just the few. This is the choice I believe I offer voters.