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SE Cambs, Huw Jones

If your ideal MP has Daily Mail focus-group opinions and has ambitions to forge a political career, stop reading now. Like thousands of my fellows in South East Cambridgeshire I moved here over twenty years ago, made a career based on science and raised a family in a great part of the UK.

I believe that people living in a wealthy region of a wealthy country are entitled to expect every school to provide a great education. Our hospitals and health services should be able to deploy the latest treatments, many of them developed in our area. Our social services should be able to protect the vulnerable and enable the elderly to live a full life in the community. The key to a great society is to pull together and organise these services under local democratic control.

I believe in economic and social justice where we protect the vulnerable and help each individual achieve their potential. High quality services will best be delivered by communities acting together under local democratic control. Business culture and company law must change to protect the productive economy, savers and investors. We must prevent high powered bankers plundering the economy through excessive wages and bonuses. The Cambridge science led economy benefits greatly from UK and EU research funding. Leaving the EU would threaten our area’s continued prosperity. Respect for individual liberty and tolerance of diversity should be the measure of our nation. We must act locally and globally to protect the environment. Internationally, we must act to eliminate poverty, disease and food insecurity.

SE Cambridgeshire is a prosperous area. Labour will win here because we respect and reflect the aspirations of the people who live here.