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Over the last thirty years, at work and in politics, I have developed a clear understanding of the role of community leadership and the experience of putting it into practice. Campaigning for and ensuring the delivery of public services – including health and social care, the criminal justice system, immigration, education, local government and welfare reform. Delivering Regeneration that creates jobs, supports business, initiating and sustaining economic growth, cultural services, the Arts, improving the environment and building new homes, ensuring mixed tenures that include new affordable homes. Campaigning for better terms and conditions in the workplace, supporting Business growth and investment into the infrastructure to support growing communities that tackles social exclusion and reverses social and economic deprivation. Developing and implementing reforming and progressive policy that looks to our future. Policy that looks to our public services, our economy, to our rights as a citizen and our role in society, ensuring that social justice and equalities sit at the centre of politics, there to build a fairer and better future for the many.