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The Reality Party registered with the Electoral Commission on 9 April 2014, reporting plans to field candidates in England, Scotland and Wales. So far it has nearly 19,000 likes on social media site Facebook.

Its policies include free drinking water, food and energy for all as well as free public transport, reported Mancunian Matters.

In an interview with the Pocket Manchester news site in April, Mr Berry said: “A lot of people talk about what’s going on but not a lot stand up and actually do something about it, you know what I mean?

“Because, well I am a fighter and I’ve got the fire in me belly and I ain’t got much else to do… I’ve now realised what my destiny is.”

Asked what his message to Manchester United and City fans, he said: “Let the city unite over the frackers… let’s think of our children, our grandchildren, there won’t be football in the future if these lot get their way”.