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Mike Powell
8 The Parade,
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United Kingdom
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Mike Powell

Currently the sole Welsh Liberal Democrat voice on Rhondda Cynon Taff council, Mike was first elected in 1999 and continues to work hard not just for residents of his own ward but right across Rhondda Cynon Taff. His no-nonsense approach makes him a constant thorn in Labour's side.

He campaigned against the removal of services from the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, the retention of full time nursery education and in favour of retaining Pontypridd paddling pool. He has supported numerous local groups in their fight to retain services.

Mike says the Labour party have let down the people in this area time and time again at all levels of government. Education in RCT is near the bottom of the league table in Wales, and Wales is lagging way behind other countries. Ambulance response times in RCT are appalling and constantly amongst the worst in the country.

As the Parliamentary candidate in 2010 he closed the gap between Labour and the Welsh Liberal Democrats from over 13,000 to less than 3,000. He is firmly established as the only alternative to years of Labour Party complacency. Only Mike and the Welsh Liberal Democrats are in a position to be able to beat Labour here. A vote for anyone else - or indeed a failure to vote at all - means that Mr Smith will be sent to Westminster for another five years and the people of Pontypridd will once again have nobody fighting their corner

He wants a better future for this area and the people in it. RCT is at the bottom of all the wrong league tables - highest unemployment, poorest health, fewer pupils attaining good GCSE grades. It is not good enough and the people of Pontypridd deserve better.