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Johnny Mercer
Plymouth Conservatives, Unit 346,
Faraday Mill Cattewater Road,
Prince Rock,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 07702 031491



Johnny lives just north of the Constituency in a cottage in the Tamar Valley with his partner and their two girls. Johnny has moved into Politics from a successful career in the Army, where he fought in some of the most contested summers of the Afghan Campaign.

Johnny is a determined and conscientious candidate who believes that the Coalition Government has started to reverse a period of real decline after the Labour years.

"The commitment given only last week by First Great Western to Plymouth is just another sign of renewed confidence investors have in a City with two Conservative members of Parliament since 2010. I want to join that team and ensure an economically bright and promising future for this wonderful city."

"I believe in the potential of our young people-a generation of whom have had opportunities taken from them by a Labour Government that promised a more comfortable life on benefits than one of self development and ambition.

"90% of the MP's who represent the Peninsula are from this Coalition Government. The recovery has begun locally and nationally for good reason; I want to continue that and bring it to Plymouth Moorview."