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Mark Mann
Oxford East

Mark joined the Liberal Democrats at university and has been active ever since. He most recently completed a term on the Lib Dem's top committee in Wales, working on Party organisation and communication.

Mark is originally from Leeds, attending St Mary's Comprehensive School there, and is the son of a primary school teacher and office administrator. He then spent eleven years at Cambridge where he read for a Masters in Natural Sciences, a PhD in Electrical Engineering and then worked as a Research Associate at the Engineering Department.

Since 2010, he has worked for the BBC, currently as a technology transfer manager at the Research & Development Department in London and he commutes from Oxfordshire. Having recently moved to the area, he is acutely aware of the lack of affordable housing in Oxford and will campaign to alleviate the pressure on housing in the city.

Mark is delighted that the Lib Dems in government have reduced the amount of Income Tax for the lowest paid people in Oxford pay by £800 a year, helping the most vulnerable in Oxford in the most difficult of economic circumstances; something Labour failed to do in 13 years in government when times were good.

At the 2010 general election, the Lib Dems came a close second to Labour. The Conservatives were a distant third. Mark has a real chance of winning Oxford East at the next General Election, and the best way he can prevent Labour from wrecking the economic recovery is to be Oxford East's MP.