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Todd Foreman is Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for North East Somerset and lives in Pensford.

Todd has spent over a decade working as a lawyer focusing on banking and financial services regulation. Through his legal work, Todd has become an advocate for banking regulation that protects taxpayers and consumers and hold bankers and financial services companies accountable for their actions. He will also bring years of experience as a university lecturer, elected Councillor and school governor to the role of MP.

Todd believes passionately that everyone should have access to high quality healthcare, education and housing and that government should work for the many and not just a privileged few. Todd is a proud trade unionist who believes in the dignity of hard work and support for the rights of workers, for example through being paid a living wage. In North East Somerset he has recently been involved in campaigns for better rural bus service and to protect local children’s centres.

Todd was born in Kansas and attended a state high school in Kentucky. He holds a B.A. in political science and French from Grinnell College, a J.D. (U.S. law degree) from the University of Pennsylvania and an LL.M. in Banking and Finance law from King’s College, London. After completion of his undergraduate studies Todd spent a year as a Thomas J. Watson fellow working for and studying the Labour Parties in Britain, New Zealand and Australia. He moved to the UK in 2001 and was proud to become a British citizen in 2006.