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Hugo Mieville
North Dorset Liberal Democrats,
8-10 Great George Street,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01258 480 366


Hugo Miéville
North Dorset

Hugo has been living and working in North Dorset for nearly thirty years. He has taught at Milton Abbey School for all this time.

He is a Blandford Forum Town Councillor, and is currently Chair of the Town and General Purposes Committee. He is a member of the Blandford-Mortain Twinning Association, and a Foundation Governor at the Blandford School. He has recently served as Chair of North Dorset Liberal Democrats.

Hugo believes that the people of North Dorset are hard-working, generous and community-oriented, and that they haven’t had the national representation which they deserve. He is committed to the campaign against the building of a housing estate on the iconic and beautiful Crown Meadows in Blandford, although he recognises that there is a desperate shortage of affordable housing for local people. He is supportive of local efforts to mitigate the effects of the cuts to vital local bus services, and of the efforts of the residents of the Maltings Estate in Shaftesbury to obtain proper playing facilities for their children. He is ‘a local man working for the area he loves.’

As a teacher, he takes a keen interest in education matters, and believes in a holistic approach. He is an enthusiastic European, and thinks that it is vital that the UK stays within the EU.

Hugo is convinced that North Dorset is winnable for the Liberal Democrats, and that they can overcome the small Conservative majorities of the last three General Elections, in an area where a Labour vote is a wasted vote, and which had a Liberal MP from 1945 until 1960.