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Andrea Jenkyns
Morley and Outwood Conservatives,
24 Zetland Street,
United Kingdom
Facebook: Andrea4morley
Telephone: 07456 730999



I strongly believe that the people of Morley and Outwood deserve an MP who fights for their concerns and stands up for our community.

I have had a life outside of politics; beginning on the shop floor, then working my way up to senior management. I have run my own business and taught music in schools. Therefore, education, youth employment and supporting local businesses are some areas that are of deep interest to me.

If you elect me, I’ll work hard and deliver for our area by:

Developing brownfield sites, while protecting greenbelt land – so we provide affordable homes but preserve our beautiful green areas.
Delivering excellent local health services – having lost my father to the MRSA superbug, I know how important it is to maintain standards of cleanliness in our hospitals and to put patients first.
Growing the local economy – I’ve set up the Morley and Outwood Business Association to help support local businesses and create jobs.
So if you want an MP who will get things done for our constituency, please vote for me at the next election.