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Tony Hill
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Tony Hill

Tony Hill has been selected for the second time as the prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Maidenhead. He worked in the constituency, for sixteen years as a Head teacher, then was in charge of children and young people’s services, and recently has had many roles as trustee, as governor and volunteer. Professionally he campaigned for resources for Furze Platt Senior School, whether for pedestrian crossings, buildings or vital funding. Returning to politics after retirement from Headship, Tony Hill, with parents and Liberal Democrat activists, succeeded in reinstating the right for young people in Cookham to go to their local secondary school. He stood for the Borough Council in 2011, campaigning with fellow Liberal Democrats on traffic, safety, roads and a cleaner, greener environment.

He has worked as Chair of Maidenhead Citizens Advice Bureau, and as a Youth Offending Team volunteer, and as a Teacher of English as a foreign language. All three roles confirm in him the belief that citizens can help each other without resorting to a vindictive stereotyping and a blame culture which characterise a Conservative led view.

His volunteer work continually presents the need for government to work to narrow the massively increasing equality gap. Education Tony sees as one of the keys. In his work as a Governor, he has seen the power of the Liberal Democrat pupil premium, free school meals, nursery and childcare funding, give so many so much more of an equal start: he describes the practical effects as ‘inspiring.’

May 2015 sees General, and Borough Council, elections in Maidenhead. Tony Hill wants to see the Liberal Democrat vote rise and Liberal Democrat council candidates give an opposition to the one party Conservative state of Windsor and Maidenhead. ‘A vote for the Lib Dems’ says Tony, ‘is the only way to counter rule by one party; a vote for any other party will leaves the Borough with a Conservative Tory group dictating everything that happens here.’