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Cat Smith
Twitter: @CateySmith
Facebook: votecat
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Lancaster and Fleetwood, Cat Smith

Cat Smith first moved to Lancaster in 2003 to study at the university and has been committed to many campaigns since then including protecting local NHS services, human rights campaigns and stopping violence against women. Cat is passionate about the NHS and has campaigned around the country defending hospitals against closure, and leading on NHS campaigns in Lancaster and Fleetwood defending the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and the Fleetwood Hospital.

Cat is a trustee of the local charity Empowerment which was formed with the merger of Blackpool and Lancaster Women's Aid, this is an issue she feels strongly about and campaigned for the introduction of Clare's Law allowing people worried about a partner's violent past to check with the police for any violent history.

In her day job she works to support social work professionals and campaigns on their behalf for changes in legislation, though this she has seen how Westminster works and hopes to be able to hit the ground running if elected in 2015. Outside work and campaigning she likes to cycle and take in the stunning local views across Morecambe Bay, but tries to avoid hills because she gets enough exercise campaigning!