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Nik Johnson
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Huntingdon, Nik Johnson

Originally from Northumberland, at 18 years old, I left home to train to be a doctor in London . After qualification in 1993 and numerous happy jobs in and around South East England, I was appointed to my ideal post in Huntingdon.

Huntingdonshire has been my family home for almost 10 years, and as well as my place of work, it is also the focus of my day to day life.
I believe passionately in the idea of public service. As a local children’s doctor at Hinchingbrooke hospital, I am privileged to have a job which places me right at the heart of the local community, allowing me to meet, help and support people from all walks of life.

In District and Council elections I felt motivated to stand as a Labour party candidate and have been able to engage with the electorate and raise the profile of the local party. Over the years, whilst I have been campaigning alongside party colleagues, the local Labour party has witnessed real success in increasing the share of the Labour vote.

Feeling empowered and inspired by these gains, I now find myself with the tricky but enjoyable task of balancing time between my family, my NHS work commitments and increased campaigning with the local party.

I believe I am well placed to listen to and represent the views of all the people of Huntingdonshire and am looking forward to standing as the Parliamentary candidate for the Labour party in the 2015 General Election.