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Suzy Stride
Twitter: @suzy4harlow
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Harlow, Suzy Stride

Suzy Stride was selected to be Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow in 2011. She passionately wants to give people the opportunity to meet their hopes and aspirations.

Suzy works for a charity tackling social exclusion and worklessness in East London. She is focused particularly on diverting young people away from crime and into education and work. For almost 10 years Suzy has worked with young people and families from some of the poorest estates in the country running programs to tackle unemployment. She is very passionate about having the right policies to ensure all young people whatever their background can fulfil their potential.

Locally, Suzy is a Director of Burnt Mill Academy Trust School in Harlow. She recently launched the Aspiration campaign to help raise awareness and encourage aspirations among school children across Harlow.

Suzy has protested vigorously against the Tory cuts and is appalled at their impact on Harlow. She has actively campaigned to save Harlow’s youth service and childrens’ centres.

Suzy believes strong communities are the backbone of a healthy society and campaigns to strengthen their development and influence. She believes policy makers should listen to the people who know what will best serve their interests. In Harlow she runs a series of Pizza and Politics events aimed at increasing the residents’ engagement in politics.

Suzy was brought up in Tower Hamlets, she went to a state school and was the only student in her year to get into Cambridge University where she studied Geography.

She was involved in youth and community projects in Cambridge, and was and remains a keen football player. She supports Tottenham Hotspur.

In 2011 she worked as a policy advisor to Baroness Jan Royall who led the Policy review on “What makes Politics Count for Young People”.