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Willie Bain
Unit G2, Abbeymill Business Centre,
Flemington House,
110 Flemington Street,
G21 4BX
United Kingdom
Twitter: @William_Bain
Telephone: 0141 557 2513



About Willie Bain

Willie Bain, 37, is the MP for Glasgow North East, winning the by-election in November 2009 and subsequently re-elected at the general election. He was born, educated, brought up, and has always lived in in the constituency.

He was born in Stobhill Hospital, grew up on the Carron estate in Springburn, and went to St Roch's Secondary School.

His dad William was a lift engineer and his mum Catherine was a payroll clerk. They both live in the same house Willie grew up in.

Willie was the first person in his family to go to university, and he studied law at the University of Strathclyde. He decided not to become a lawyer to but to stay in education, where he tought public law for thirteen years at the University of Strathclyde and London South Bank University.

Willie is a member of Amnesty International, Unite- The Union, and the Fabian Society.

Willie says:

"I was deeply honoured to be elected as Glasgow North East's MP. I have already begun the work of standing up for families and children in my constituency at Westminster. Politicians have to keep in touch with the people who elect them, and that's why I'm working hard in the constituency too. I will never claim lavish expenses and never milk the system. We know the next General Election is a straight choice between Labour and the Tories - the SNP are irrelevant in that debate.

Growing up in Glasgow, we know the devastation caused by the Tory years. We saw the poverty, the mass unemployment, a whole generation and a whole city written off, pensioners living in freezing conditions with no dignity. It made me angry then and it makes me angry now."