Dominic Morris

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Dominic Morris
9c Mill Park Industrial Estate,
White Cross Road,
Woodbury Salterton,
United Kingdom
Twitter: @domforexeter
Telephone: 07500 894 702



The people of Exeter deserve an MP with real life experience, who puts Exeter first and restores the West Country-Westminster disconnect.

That is exactly the sort of MP I will be.

My experience in youth work in some of the West Country’s most challenging communities and work on the frontline in conflict zones well place me to put Exeter first and rebuild trust in our elected officials.

My priorities for Exeter are clear:
• More, better paid jobs
• Allowing people to keep more of their hard earned wages
• Improving the regions transport infrastructure

My contract for Exeter sets out how I will behave as your MP, if you elect me:
• I will always put Exeter first
• I will be positive – politics about improving people’s lives, not negative campaigning
• I will be straight with you - people want the truth, not easy slogans and empty promises
• I will be available – through weekly surgeries and regular public meetings
• I will spend a full day every month volunteering with a local charity

If you agree with me, please sign my contract at and help to elect me as your MP by supporting our campaign.