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Elmet & Rothwell, Veronica King

Veronica is Labour's candidate to be the next MP for Elmet & Rothwell.

Growing up in Leeds as the daughter of two teachers in local state schools, Veronica saw both the impact of inequality on people's lives and the way that Labour governments improved the lives of people in Leeds - from the introduction of the minimum wage to investment in our schools. This motivated her to join the Labour party at the age of 17.

Veronica has spent the last ten years working across the country for national voluntary sector organisations and in local government to deliver real changes on things like affordable childcare, student and adult social care.

After graduating from university, Veronica spent two years serving as Vice-President (Welfare) of the National Union of Students, representing the interests of 5 million students across the UK.

She currently works for Alzheimer's Society, campaigning on behalf of millions of people affected by dementia in the UK. She previously worked for childcare charity Daycare Trust, leading the national campaign to defend Sure Start Children's Centres and against cuts to working tax credits.