Afzal Amin

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Afzal Amin
49 Zoar Street,
Lower Gornal,
West Midlands,
United Kingdom
Twitter: @Afzal4Dudley
Facebook: Afzal4Dudley
Telephone: 01384 231 338



I’m dedicated to serving the people of Dudley North.

By listening to your concerns, I’ll stand up for you and your family – both in our community and at Westminster. I was an officer in the British Army for 11 years, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m now standing to represent our local area and continue my record of public service.

If you vote for me, I have three key priorities for Dudley, Gornal and Sedgley:

1) Establish a jobs support network – to help local people gain the skills they need to get a job

2) Raising the standard of education in local schools – to help our young people who deserve to be educated to the highest level so they can support themselves later on in life

3) Improve care for the elderly – the people who have paid into the system all their lives deserve its support later in life

If you agree, vote for me at the next election and I’ll deliver all this and more for our community.