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Benjamin Fearn
Derbyshire Dales

Born and raised in the constituency, Benjamin Fearn is a Derbyshire Dales man through and through.

Passionate about helping the poorest in society as well as addressing local issues and concerns, Ben has built rapport with many sections of the constituency and has perhaps taken inspiration from grandfather Leslie Fearn who made his name in the Dales. He has already attacked political injustice locally, including the Labour Party’s decision to award its new cabinet members a pay rise.

Having studied at local schools and worked in the Dales, Ben has a strong network of friends and colleagues. Indeed, within weeks of his selection, and in the absence of any action from the local MP, he was approached by campaigning residents of the popular Dales town of Bakewell to suggest a strategy to prevent the erection by the local council of a £100,000 noise barrier at an ancient livestock market that no-one wants

Despite his relative youth, Ben has electoral experience as a City Council candidate for the Manchester Crumpsall Ward in 2011 whilst at university. He also took part in the phone banking sessions during the ‘Yes to AV’ campaign, attended the official campaign launch in Manchester and has given talks on Liberal Democrat policy and goals.

Ben is keen to take advantage of established and emerging communications channels to make himself available for debate, so feel free to contact him on one of the below links.