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Tom Pursglove
Tom Pursglove,
Cottingham Road,
NN17 1SZ
United Kingdom
Facebook: VotePursglove
Telephone: 01536 200255



If elected as your MP, I’ll be a tireless local campaigner for Corby and East Northamptonshire.

I grew up in nearby Wellingborough and have served on the Borough Council of Wellingborough since 2007, so I’m familiar with the challenges facing North Northamptonshire.

Last year, I launched the Listening to Corby and East Northamptonshire Campaign – to ensure that I know the issues that matter to you. If you elect me, those issues will be my priorities.

I also lead Together Against Wind, the national anti-wind farm campaign. Our rural landscapes are among our greatest assets and I will continue to lead the charge to preserve them.

If you vote for me, I will also:

Campaign to cut immigration and vote to support David Cameron’s in-out EU Referendum pledge
Work tirelessly to secure investment into our area
Fight for the Rushden Lakes development at the Skew Bridge site – to rejuvenate our local economy and create over 2,000 new jobs
Secure vital road repairs, including improvements to the A45 and the Chowns Mill roundabout and campaign alongside local people against unwanted overdevelopment of our villages.
Vote for me at the next election and I’ll deliver all this and more – and be the hardest working MP we’ve ever had.