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Tristan Osborne
73 Maidstone Road,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0779 320 4282


Chatham and Aylesford, Tristan Osborne

Tristan is in his early-30s and works in the private sector for a small business in London and commutes daily.

Educated and raised in Medway, he was previously a Cathedral Chorister at Rochester. He attended Durham University where he gained a masters degree in business management and is member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development.

Tristan was elected the youngest Councillor on Medway Council in 2011 and represents Luton and Wayfield ward. He is opposition spokesperson for Audit and supports the opposition group on press and media. He is passionate about getting young people involved in politics and as a Councillor, sponsored football and karate clubs. Having worked in small business he is also interested in apprenticeships and policy areas to get people working. He is also interested in environment, transport and economic policy areas. Tristan is a long-standing member of the USDAW Trade Union, Co-Operative Party and a number of charities in Medway including the Credit Union and Cathedral Foundation.