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Lee Sherriff
Carlisle Labour Party,
3 Chatsworth Square,
United Kingdom
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Carlisle, Lee Sherriff

Lee has lived in Carlisle since she was a child. She attended St Bede's and Morton School. At the age of 17, when her family moved away, she chose to remain living in Carlisle. Lee is a mother of 3. She worked in Carlisle City centre retail until she was made redundant with the store closing due to the recession. Since then Lee has worked as a support worker in mental health and disability services which have provided her with a valuable insight to the benefits and health system.

Lee is a keen campaigner for local families and takes an interest in the social care system, campaigning to improve it for both service users and employees. A governor at a local school, with 3 children at various stages in the state education system, Lee is keen to see it working as effectively as possible for the younger generation. Lee is also keen to see the Cumberland Infirmary and its staff given the correct funding and support that is needed in order to provide the highest quality service to all of those who use it.

Bringing good jobs and investment to the area is a priority for Lee in order to reverse what she sees as a 'brain drain'. She is keen to stop talented people being forced to move away or not return to the area after university because they can't find the right job in Carlisle. Carlisle has become an aspiring city thanks to the 2012 Labour administration on Carlisle City Council, of which she is an elected member. Lee believes that Carlisle can be even more ambitious and bold given the correct encouragement. She has a strong interest in the arts and is keen to see what the city has to offer already being enhanced to benefit residents and draw tourists to the city.

Having lived in Carlisle most of her life, Lee feels that she will be the best person to represent the people of Carlisle after the next election. She feels strongly that life experience is an essential qualification to be able to take the voice of Carlisle down to Westminster in order to be heard and improve life for all of its residents.