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Brigg & Goole CLP, Jacky Crawford

Jacky Crawford was born and raised in Goole and is an identical twin. She was educated at Goole Grammar School and was the first member of her family to go to university and gain a degree. Jacky is a qualified nurse and a registered social worker with a diverse range of experience in children and adults social care, health, and education. Her career path has been very much forged by the previous Labour government, her political aspirations and a robust belief in maintaining a capable and competent public sector.

Jacky has been an active community campaigner and has held several voluntary roles over the years in Victim Support, Citizens Advice Bureau, Parkside School, Goole High School and Duke of Edinburgh.

After returning from Australia in 2002 Jacky was successful in being recruited to Labour Government taskforces, one introducing the new social work degree and the second as part of a senior leadership team which achieved the target of 3500 Sure Start Children’s Centres nationally. Jacky also led on supporting a national child poverty pilot that exceeded all expectations and was used as a beacon for future pilots.

Jacky is passionate about keeping our NHS public and free at point of contact. She campaigned the CCG by organising public meetings and media coverage to ensure the public’s voice was heard and she has worked in partnership with the CCG Board to ensure the right values and processes were in place in their constitution to protect public NHS services. Jacky has also worked with flood forums across the constituency to secure more robust flood plans for the future.

Jacky can bring her knowledge, skills and experience, from her nursing and social work background to assist and support constituents and contribute in Parliament to bring about real change and build a better future so there is opportunity and equality for all.