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Justine Baker
Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats,
Warren Road,
TA24 5BG
United Kingdom
Twitter: @cllrjaybaker
Telephone: 07917 734 577



Justine Baker
Bridgwater and West Somerset

Justine Baker is a Somerset County Councillor who is Shadow Cabinet Member for Children and Families. Justine entered into politics due to finding out personally what it means when the Government makes a decision that impacts drastically on your live. Justine's son was born with Group B Strep infection, which is the biggest killer of newborns in the UK. Other countries around the world offer women a routine test to see if they carry the infection, something the UK does not offer. Justine has been at the forefront of campaigning on and raising awareness of this issue.

Bridgwater and West Somerset is the Constituency that has the Hinkley Point C development. The challenges this poses for the local area and economy are massive. Justine is working hard to make sure that the local community and businesses get jobs and contracts from this development. Justine also wants to make sure that the infrastructure of the project and its impact on schools, roads, doctor surgeries and house prices is at the forefront of any decision locally.

The Conservatives in Somerset have the wrong priorities, giving councillors a pay allowance increase and spending thousands on a new office. At the same time, they are allowing vulnerable children to be graded as 'inadequate' by Ofsted and cutting local jobs and contracts, which is a massive loss to the local economy. In addition, the Conservatives are closing and charging for recycling centres, allowing fly-tipping to increase and reducing the budget for gulley clearance and grass cutting, which will only add to flooding risk which is already high in the area.

Justine is standing as PPC because she wants to make sure that the people of Bridgwater and West Somerset voices are listened to; this is an area she cares deeply about.