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Jerry Evans
67 Dovey Road,
B13 9NT
United Kingdom
Facebook: jerry4mp
Telephone: 0121 778 4024


Jerry Evans
Birmingham Hall Green

Jerry Evans, who has lived in the Hall Green constituency since he came to Birmingham in 1992 and has campaigned in Springfield Ward since 1997, is a committed local Councillor. He is a professional archaeologist, his focus being on Roman pottery studies and he has published extensively in this field.

Jerry has served continuously as a local Councillor for Springfield (or Sparkhill as it was then) since he was elected first in 2003. In that time he has written over 29,000 enquiries for constituents.

Jerry first fought the new Hall Green parliamentary seat in 2010 (consisting of the Sparkbrook, Springfield, Hall Green and Moseley and Kings Heath wards). In 2010 Jerry came within 4,100 from Labour’s London based MP, Roger Godsiff, and considerably out polled the Conservatives, who came a poor fourth.

Jerry is committed to Birmingham Hall Green and has not sought to stand in any other seat in 2010 or 2015. He believes MPs should know their community well and live amongst them.