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Janice Spalding

Janice Spalding is a local campaigner in Basingstoke. Over recent years she has campaigned on many local issues. These have included:

Campaigning for views on a proposed new Tesco near Brighton Hill
Fighting to save local bus services
Collecting signatures for Brighton Hill roundabout and Tesco
Born and bred in Newcastle Janice is a Geordie who has supported Newcastle United all her life and eventually moved south. She has lived in Yorkshire, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bognor Regis.

Janice currently works an IT project manager who has worked in defence, utilities, oil and gas industries. She has lived locally in Bramley for 14 years and is also an active player with Basingstoke Hockey Club.

Janice is passionate about our country investing in education and training for young people, particularly in subjects such as engineering.

Having worked in the utility industry, she wants increased investment in green energy such as solar, hydro-electric and from waste as well as wind power.