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Oliver Middleton
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I am truly honored to be representing the city where I have grown up. I moved to Bath when I was 5 years old from Bangor in North Wales, and in 2007 started secondary school where I completed my GCSE's and A-levels at a local state school. I have always maintained an interest in politics, but it wasn't until I experienced what was happening under this current government, particularly to our NHS, that I became so heavily involved with Labour in Bath. The majority of my work with Bath Labour has been focused around the formation of our Young Labour group. The aim of the group was to tackle a lack of young members within the CLP, I felt this was best achieved through showing the young people of Bath that Labour could provide what they lacked within the city and provide them with a voice and a tool for change. My overwhelming belief is that politics should be about doing all you can possible to engage and captivate people, and I believe that this is best achieved through 'grass roots' 'ground level' campaigning on face to face basis. This is something that I have always applied to Young Labour and will apply throughout my campaign as PPC in Bath.