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Hazel Irene Thorpe
Rose Cottage, 51 High Street,
West Sussex,
BN14 7NR
United Kingdom
Twitter: @hazel_thorpe
Telephone: 07999 444 753



Hazel Thorpe
Worthing West

Hazel Thorpe, an experienced Local Councillor for over 14 years, lives in Worthing, consistently works hard for residents and the environment. For example she successfully introduced the Liberal Democrat idea of bulk buying energy to the community.

A former Head of Dept and Teacher, and now Governor at a large local College, Hazel works with voluntary, charitable and independent groups, promoting services which support local people, traders, fishermen and businesses alike.

Hazel promotes homes for local people, not just for investors, a flexible health service that meets the individual needs from hospital to home, effective Schools and Colleges that inspire creativity and lifelong skills and the sensitive care of our aging population.

She strongly believes that Communities that work and play together understand each other’s values and principles. She works with the Local Children and Family Centres to celebrate Diversity and Equality.

Conservatives in Worthing West, are rooted in the past, spending money on iconic buildings rather than promoting value for money for the basics for our residents. We have flats that are damp and need repair, large organisations using houses for offices, whilst the housing list remains high, and suitable accommodation for single people, is almost non -existent but, we are building £1 million residences on the seafront!

Hazel’s priorities are;

To work to ensure that Worthing West gets its fair share of Government money
To ensure all children receive the education in life skills in preparation for the work place.
To have energy efficient and “fit to live in” homes meeting the needs of local people.
To promote Children and Family Centres.
To make sure that the services for the older generation are available, when they require it.
To create employment opportunities for local people.
Hazel, with her life experience, seeks to bring back fairness of opportunity to all.