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Mark Dempsey
25 Thornhill Drive,
St Andrew’s Ridge,
SN25 4GG
United Kingdom
Telephone: 07890 411638


North Swindon, Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey is Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for North Swindon. Mark lives in North Swindon and is a school governor at Abbey Meads Primary School. Mark is a local Councillor and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Borough Council.

Mark has a passion for environmental issues and works as an environmental advisor helping to shape the future of policy. Mark has a degree in Geography and a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy. His career started as an environmental advisor at the University of Gloucestershire working with small businesses. Mark then worked at Westminster leading a Parliamentary Group on environmental policy, working with MPs, Ministers and Government officials. Mark is currently European Environmental Policy Advisor for a major technology company. In this role Mark works with policy makers in the UK and Europe, developing policy and achieving real change.

Mark is campaigning for real change to build a better future for Swindon including action on town centre regeneration, a University for Swindon, and rebuilding Swindon’s economy. Mark developed Labour’s Economic Strategy for Swindon, which formed the basis of the Borough Councils Economic Strategy. Mark also forged Labour regeneration Master Plan including proposals to put Swindon’s railway heritage at the heart of its regeneration, which led to the creation of a new ‘Masterplan’ for the regeneration of Swindon. As a local Councillor Mark secured a new Youth Club for the local community, regenerated the local shopping area square, and started a community clean-up campaign.

Mark is determined to deliver the real change Swindon needs including the new jobs and new businesses to rebuild our local economy; to get the regeneration of our town centre moving – with our railway heritage at its heart; and work towards a university for Swindon to unlock the talents of local people and build a better future for our town.