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Neil Carmichael
7 Bridge Street,
United Kingdom
Twitter: @neil_mp
Telephone: 01453 751 572



I’m devoted to the Stroud Valleys and Vale and I will stop at nothing to further enhance the quality of life already enjoyed by so many people.

Since the last election, I’ve worked hard to improve and protect our community by:

Standing up for the elderly and supporting the local services they rely on, including rural post offices and public transport routes
Defending our countryside from unwanted development – to protect our beautiful green areas for this generation and our children
Organising my annual Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering – to help young people develop their careers and support small businesses, the lifeblood of our local economy
If re-elected as your MP, I will:

Fight for more investment in local infrastructure, including roads, rail and broadband
Help create more jobs and higher salaries by promoting investment in new technologies
Ensure our schools and hospitals are properly funded – so our community has the services we need
If you agree with these commitments, vote for me at the next election – and I’ll keep giving my all for the people of Stroud.