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Scott Collins
South Northamptonshire

Scott Collins is an experienced campaigner on local, national and international issues affecting residents in South Northamptonshire.

He opposes plans for HS2 in the south which will devastate many local communities with no foreseeable worth for local residents.

He has been a strong advocate of fighting for people to have a stronger voice in how their council spends their money. With projects that have huge local opposition being forced through without any heed being taken of local concerns.

Scott has a wide knowledge of wide ranging business sectors where he has worked and over many years, from the energy industry to marketing and social media.

Having lived in South Northamptonshire almost all his life Scott understands the problems affecting the economy and residents of from the lack of infrastructure and transport issues to the strains placed on rural industries and businesses.

Scott has a deeply held passion for South Northamptonshire and wants to fight to make it great place to live and work for every resident and business.

South Northamptonshire may have an image of a rural idyll, and it is in many ways, but there are underlying issues of social mobility and strain on local communities which are caused by its rural nature.

Scott says “I want to stand up for, and fight for, those who do not want to be isolated, who want to be connected, able to live in villages in our wonderful countryside supporting village shops, pubs and post offices, without being priced out of villages they grew up in, ensuring our larger communities and towns are not the only centres of growth but are supported with effective and realistic infrastructure of support as they grow. I am proud to have the opportunity to stand up for the area I count as my home.”