Andrew Elliot Pakes


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Andrew Elliot Pakes
The Labour Hall,
112 Newport Road,
New Bradwell,
Milton Keynes ,
MK13 0AA
United Kingdom
Twitter: @andrew4mk
Facebook: andrewpakes
Telephone: 01908 314974


Milton Keynes South, Andrew Pakes

Andrew is the Labour & Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes South. He is a passionate advocate for Milton Keynes having grown up in the new city and attended local schools before winning a place at university – the first of his family to go onto higher education.

Education is an important issue for Andrew: ensuring Milton Keynes has enough school places as a growing city; improving school standards; expanding vocational training; and supporting an undergraduate university for the city. After attending university, Andrew was elected President of the National Union of Students (NUS) - the first student from Milton Keynes to hold the position - where he represented 4 million students in further and higher education. He also worked for the Association of University Teachers (now part of the University and College Union) which represents staff at the Open University.

Andrew studied environmental management and works as a consultant advising clients on sustainability, climate change and energy issues.