Simon Justin Reevell

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Simon Justin Reevell
5 Northgate,
WF13 1DS
United Kingdom
Twitter: @simonreevell
Telephone: 01924 465008



I was born and raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire. I’m proud to serve the people of the constituency I’ve known for nearly 20 years.

I began my career in the army as an infantry officer but this was cut short by injury. I re-trained as a barrister and represented many members of the armed forces before courts martial.

As a consequence of one case, in which I established that members of the TA were sent to Iraq without adequate training, I decided to do all that I could to change the government – which led to me standing to be your MP at the last election.

Since you elected me, I’ve fought for our constituency by:

Promoting local businesses – they are the key to creating local jobs, and I’ll do all I can to support them
Seeking to stop wind turbines destroying our landscape – so our beautiful green areas are protected
I want to keep going for our constituency. If you re-elect me, I’ll continue my work for local people, both in Dewsbury and in Parliament.