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Joe Naitta
49 Fenton Road,
United Kingdom
Twitter: @joenaitta
Facebook: joe.naitta
Telephone: 07851 531 640


Joe Naitta
Derby South

Joe Naitta represents Blagreaves Ward, which is in the constituency of Derby South, as a city councillor. He first got elected in 2008 and then he got re-elected so he is now serving his second term.

Joe was the cabinet member for Sports Leisure & Culture from 2008-2010 and launched Derby’s £50 Million Sports Strategy.

Locally he has been:

Campaigning on local issues like local crossings and rebuilding Gayton swimming pool;
Fighting to save local sports centers and keep them open and save Warwick house from closure
Collecting thousands of signatures for local railway company Bombardier
At the 2010 general election Joe stood in Derbyshire Dales and the Lib Dems came second to the Conservatives. Labour were a distant third. He wanted to stand in Derby South because it’s the place where he lived and worked for over 40 years and believes that Derby South needs a local campaigner who lives in the area and will fight for local people and their services.

Councillor Joe Naitta’s past jobs include working as Development Director at SGM Ltd Derby and Nater Protective Clothing and as a development manager for the Derbyshire Association for The Blind. He stands supports the Lib Dem actions taken while in government and the fact that they are committed to taking low paid workers out of tax and also the policy regarding workers paying no Income Tax on the first £10,000 they earn.