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Christopher Geoffrey Oxlade
24 Beverley Mews,
Three Bridges,
West Sussex,
RH10 1UE
United Kingdom
Twitter: @chrisoxlade
Telephone: 07710 900813


Crawley, Chris Oxlade

Chris Oxlade runs a radio production and event business here in Crawley as well as being a West Sussex County Councillor for Bewbush and Ifield West and Crawley Borough Councillor for Ifield.

Chris is dedicated to the local community and local causes, working with many charities and voluntary groups whilst working as a presenter on Crawley’s radio station, Mercury FM for 20 years. He has been instrumental in securing funding for local causes and strives for equality in our town.

Born in Crawley Hospital and raised in Langley Green and Pound Hill, he has lived in, worked in and loved Crawley his entire life. He wasn’t always involved in politics, as he was focused on running his own local business and being involved with Crawley’s community groups and local causes.

But in 2006 things changed, Labour lost control of Crawley Borough Council and suddenly many of the things we had taken for granted were gone. Crawley was no longer the place it had been to do business and the town started to visibly decay. So Chris signed up, got involved and a few years later he was fighting back for residents on Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council involved in various campaigns from saving youth centres from closure to fighting for more support for special education needs in schools.

In 2010 he ran for Parliament and in 2013 he was proud to be re-selected as Labour’s Candidate for the next General Election. Chris wants Crawley to have an MP who will provide a real local voice, who will speak up on behalf of Crawley’s residents and businesses and who will fight to give the town back its future.

Times are hard but that’s why now more than ever Crawley needs an MP who’s on their side.

Chris says “I am delighted to have been selected to stand in the town where I was born, where I live and where I work. The Tory-led government’s policies have had a devastating effect on hard working Crawley families. From rising energy bills to hikes in the cost of travelling to work, from taking away vital support in our communities to the huge reduction in living standards, I pledge to put Crawley people first, every time.”