Julian William Hendy Brazier

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Julian William Hendy Brazier
PO Box 1116,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01227 280277



Julian Brazier has fought hard for Canterbury and Whitstable. He led the Parliamentary campaign, working with CHEK, first to keep the Kent and Canterbury Hospital open then to save its facilities which were under threat under the last Labour government. Julian organised a successful cross-party campaign to change the law, tackling the compensation culture which is ruining outdoor activity for young people. He is the President of Canterbury Sea Cadets and has played a prominent part in fundraising and putting together the consortium who delivered their new HQ in Vauxhall Road. He also led the joint KCC/CCC delegation to the Department of Transport to get permission for the two missing slip roads for the A2/A28. The first has been built and the second is in the local plan. He is currently leading a campaign to get the Home Office to empower injunctions against a local shop selling “legal highs”, which have already killed two local young men.

Julian is committed to the key infrastructure the local economy needs, the housing needed for young families and the facilities needed by our great local schools. He also believes profoundly that development should be sensitive to our great urban and rural environments.

On the national level, he is a member of the Defence Select Committee and has written numerous pamphlets and articles on defence, as well as papers on immigration and social issues. He was an officer in the Territorial Army for 13 years, five of them with the SAS Reserves.