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Richard Baum
Bury North

Richard Baum was born and raised in Bury. He has served as a Bury Councillor, on the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority, and as a governor of two schools in Bury. He was also the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bury North in 2010.

Richard has worked in public services for his entire career, both in local government and the NHS. He is passionate about protecting and enhancing services for those who need them, so that our young are cared for and educated, people of working age are protected from misfortune, and our older people are looked after with dignity.

As a Bury Councillor, Richard led the fight against congestion charging in Greater Manchester, and campaigned to keep local schools and post offices open. As Resource spokesman for the Liberal Democrats in Bury Richard successfully negotiated many budgetary concessions for the local area from both Labour and the Conservatives. As Chair of the Council’s only Scrutiny committee, Richard led enquiries into budget cuts and service changes.

In his professional life Richard has led on substantial NHS service reconfigurations and helped keep public services under NHS control when tendered for potential outsourcing to the private sector.

Richard is a Liberal Democrat because of his respect for our values of tolerance, freedom under the law and sustainability. He is a seasoned campaigner for a radical new approach to ensure a stronger economy and a fairer society.

Richard is a vocal opponent of university tuition fees, and a passionate advocate of ensuring that young people are given the opportunities to secure a happy and secure future that were available to previous generations. As a parent and former Bury school-governor, Richard’s passion is making sure that the next generation of Bury residents are engaged in the decision-making process, and are served by politicians who increase their life chances.