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Andrew Percy
Andrew Percy,
83 Pasture Road,
East Riding of Yorkshire,
DN14 6BP
United Kingdom
Twitter: @andrewpercy
Facebook: andrewpercymp
Telephone: 01405 767969



Andrew was born and raised in East Yorkshire and has lived in the Humber region most of his life. Andrew now lives in the beautiful village of Airmyn, near Goole, where he previously served as a local Parish Councillor. He graduated from York University and undertook post-graduate study in Leeds. Despite being from a 'not naturally Conservative' family Andrew got involved with the party from a young age. He is also proud of his working class roots.

Andrew trained and worked as a secondary school teacher, specialising in History, and has worked in a number of schools across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Prior to this, Andrew spent time working overseas in the US and Canada. He is passionate about the state sector and has taught in some of the toughest schools in the region. Most recently, Andrew taught in Scunthorpe and continues to undertake volunteer teaching in local schools.


Andrew has put championing the needs of the people of the Brigg and Goole and Isle of Axholme constituency above all else. Andrew has helped to lead campaigns such as the campaign to halve tolls on the Humber Bridge. Decades of inaction was ended when this Government finally agreed to write off debt and cut tolls.

Andrew has also worked to secure fairer funding for local schools, ending Labour's funding system that deprived our schools of the money they deserved. Working with North Lincs Conservative Council, Andrew has also helped to secure new school buildings at schools such as Alkborough Primary, Brigg Primary, South Axholme Academy and Broughton Primary.

Flooding issues are a major concern to residents in this constituency and Andrew and his team have been on the front line in every flooding event since 2010. This includes supporting residents during the flooding by liaising with the agencies, and afterwards by supporting residents with their insurance claims and much more. Recently, Andrew has helped secure millions for improved flood defences at Reedness and along the Trent and Humber banks.

Andrew has put economic recovery and jobs growth at the heart of his work locally, helping to secure millions of pounds to support new jobs and regenerate our communities. Andrew serves as Chairman of the regeneration partnerships in both Goole and Brigg. Recently, he also helped to secure the purchase of the Market Tavern in Crowle, which is essential for the regeneration of that town.

Other projects and campaigns include Andrew's campaign to promote the Isle of Axholme better, the campaign for the new £3.5 million care facility in Winterton (opposed by Labour), the community school and public access defibrillator campaign, the establishment of the Goole and Snaith Forces Fund charity, the campaign for better broadband and mobile coverage, and much much more.


As our local MP, Andrew supports a number of good causes and recently launched his own Good Causes Fund. Andrew worked with North Lincs Council to establish the Imagination Library free book gifting scheme, which now provides free books in the post every month to over 6000 under-5s in the area. The aim of this is to improve literacy rates locally. Andrew also established a similar scheme in the East Riding portion of the constituency which Andrew raises all of the funds to support.

Andrew is also a Community First Responder with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service having established a first responder scheme for the Goole, Hook and Airmyn area. The MP spends weekends volunteering on this scheme, responding to emergency calls such as strokes, heart attacks and cardiac arrests. He also secured £10,000 to place defibrillators in local secondary schools.

Andrew is proud to support many other local charities and good causes in a number of ways, especially in terms of fundraising.


Andrew speaks in Parliament far more than the previous Labour MP, meaning that local residents finally have a real voice in Westminster. Whether it is championing local health services, fighting for local investment and infrastructure projects, or simply raising individual cases, Andrew is there for residents.

Andrew serves as a member of the Health, Northern Ireland and Regulatory Reform Select Committees. Andrew is also an active member of a number of cross-party groups such as the All Party Group for Financial Education for Young People. By working with MPs of all parties, Andrew chaired an inquiry which led to the Government adopting financial education in all our schools.